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After extensive experience working in museums and universities, the concept of EAJ Consultants was set up in 2002.

EAJ Consultants boast almost 40 years experience in biological science providing services in:

- Dietary analysis and reports of all small mammals, reptiles and birds
- Ecological and taxonomic assessments of most inverterbrate groups
- Teaching and tutoring in Biological Science

Samples can be sent via courier and returned same method after complete analysis has been made.

EAJ Consultants' private lab is fully equipped to handle all diet analysis or invertebrate work, stores a large Australia-wide botanical and mammal slide collection for all comparitive and identification of diet analysis, and a comprehensive Australia-wide invertebrate collection (both spirit and dry). We also have an extensive private library of books, journals and reference works covering worldwide areas.

No institutional administrative fee charged and all work is carried out at negotiable, reasonable rates.